The biggest kitchen trends of 2022 according to TikTok

The idea of renovating a kitchen is a dream for most homeowners. Now, thanks to TikTok it has never been easier to access kitchen inspiration. TikTok is now the go-to place if you want to start renovating your kitchen, from budget-friendly hacks to dream celebrity-style renovations. Videos with #kitchentok have over 128.9 million views on TikTok with everyone from decor novices to experienced home creators sharing inspiration.

We’ve analysed the top kitchen trends in 2022 under the #KitchenTok hashtag to reveal the most popular kitchen trends and the influencers you should add to your following list for the best inspiration..

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The top kitchen trends of 2022 according to TikTok

Inspiration for your home used to be found in magazines and television shows, but now many people take inspiration from social media. With millions of individuals sharing their tips and tricks, TikTok has fast become the go-to platform for inspiration. By analysing the most in-demand trends across Google, Instagram and TikTok, we have found the most popular trends that users are obsessing over. 

Kitchen organisation dominates over kitchen trends

Kitchen organisation hacks have taken TikTok by storm in the last year. From minimalist glass jars to store your pasta and spices, to efficient methods to utilise small cupboard spaces. The kitchen organisation trend has reached over 1 billion views on the social media platform, with most videos raking in over 800K likes and comments. Therefore placing kitchen organisation as the top #KitchenTok trend of the year. 

Country vs modern kitchens 

Battling it out on the platform are traditional and contemporary styles.If you’ve come across the modern kitchen side of TikTok, it’s likely you’ll be familiar with the glossy white cabinets and icy marble islands. Whilst country kitchens feature shaker cabinets and stone floors. Country kitchens are currently beating out the modern trend thanks to a 49% spike in both YouTube and Google searches.

Pot filler taps make their way over to the UK

Pot filler taps have been commonplace in modern kitchens in the USA for the last decade. Sitting above your hob these extendable taps allow you to easily fill up large pots with water without having to carry them across your kitchen once they become heavy. This trend has made its way into the top ten thanks to a 50%  spike in searches on both Google and YouTube.

Glass Rinsers 

It can often be a struggle to properly clean your stubborn wine glasses and sometimes the dishwasher just doesn’t cut it. One of the latest appliances to trend on TikTok are glass rinsers surpassing over 139million views. These handy cleaning devices have been common practice in many hospitality venues for the last decade but are now making their way into our homes. A glass rinser is a small contraption that is fitted beside your sink, making glass rinsing a 3-second job and can be installed by your kitchen fitter.

The best kitchen TikTok hashtags to use in 2022

By analysing views we’ve revealed the best kitchen hashtags to use on TikTok. Using these is a sure way to make your own kitchen a viral TikTok sensation…

The best kitchen creators on TikTok in 2022

Influencers have become a huge part of our social culture, from starting trends to making trends go viral. If you’re thinking of changing up your kitchen TikTok is a great place to look for inspiration with hundreds of creators sharing their own homes..So, let us introduce you to #KitchenTok’s top 10 creators.

  • 1) @Farahjmerhi 3.6m

The top creator on our list @Farahjmerhi has 3.6 million followers on TikTok, this creator shares videos that highlight the beautiful suburban home aesthetic, with organised draws and delicate china homeware. It’s clear Farah is one of the biggest sources of inspiration on the app!

  • 2) @The_avantgarde 1.4m

In second place is @the_avantgarde with 1.4 million followers. It’s not hard to see why she’s gained such popularity as she uses her platform to document her DIY home renovation and her kitchen transformation. 

  • 3) @Slyinspireme 752k

Kitchen organisation and kitchen storage are the epitome of this page, as well as decor and DIY hacks, @Slyinspireme has followers obsessed with her aesthetic. One follower commented ‘’I love your kitchen, this is goals’’. This creator has 752K followers making them a go to for inspo!

  • 4) @louise_andallthingshome 555k

Kitchen renovations have become a viral trend on TikTok, with creators turning their projects into mini-series, keeping viewers hooked. @louise_andallthingshome kept her followers wanting more by documenting the transformation of her run-down 70s home, transforming the space into a modern kitchen and neutral-toned home. @louise_andallthingshome now has a following of 555k.

  • 5) @Ash__guzman 421k 

Ash shares everything from organisation tips to DIY. If you like watching kitchen restock videos or pantry tours this is the place for you. With an average of 186k views Ash is quickly becoming one of the go to places for all things Kitchen related on the platform.


Whether these TikTok trends have got you thinking about renovating your kitchen or the #KitchenTok influencers have inspired you to switch out your cabinets, contact your local Magnet Trade supplier to design your dream set-up.


Data was gathered from multiple sources on the most popular kitchentok trends, creators and hashtags. We also compared the creators to average earnings, views and likes per video.


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