Sliding Doors and Storage Solutions

Spacepro sliding doors and storage solutions are non-carcass based systems that offer the look of fully fitted furniture, without asking your customer to take into consideration the extra needed to open a hinged door.

The doors glide effortlessly from side to side on a track set and can be fitted from floor to ceiling and wall to wall to make the most of the space. If your customer doesn't have an existing alcove, you can create a professional frame by using our colour matched end panels and liners, which will allow you to create a space to suit your customer's room.

Why recommend sliding doors?

  • Space-saving
  • Fits Any Space
  • Range Of Styles
  • And Finishes
  • Use In Any Room
  • Easy To Install
  • Maximise Storage

home office.png
Home office
Under the stairs


Your customer can use sliding doors and storage systems in every room, not just the bedroom. Using colour matched end panels and liners to build the effect of a fitted wardrobe.



Our popular Classic range offers a classic look featuring a contemporary 35mm frame. Available in a variety of panel, glass and frame colours with 20 options to choose from.

From £120.00 per door



The Heritage door will provide a simple and practical storage solution for your home. This door has 6 panels, mirror and glass colour options and our most popular options are mirrored with either a white or silver frame.

From £165.00 per door



Our 3 panel Linear doors are available in 10 panel, mirror and glass options and you have the option of creating a mirror in your centre panel with top and bottom matching wood effect panels.

From £110.00 per door



This door comes with a 25mm aluminium frame, door handle on the cross-section of the door with a hidden, smooth-running gear on the top and bottom. Available in a 2-panel design and a variety of glass colours.

From £260.00 per door



Available in a single panel option or 4-panel split. Mix and match wood effects with mirrors or glass. Or, keep it simple with the same colour. The traditional Shaker frame is 75mm wide, available in 16 trend colours.

From £260.00 per door

Project doors.png

Project Doors

A small range of best sellers, available in fixed dimension only formats. These doors are ideal for projects on a budget. Use our range of accessories to build down from larger ceiling heights. 

From £63.00 per door

Shelving & storage_1.jpg

Relax Modular Storage

Our Relax Modular storage comes in a wide range of starter kits/layouts. To make this really work for your and your needs, just add any of our components to create a wardrobe interior or display system.

Components start from £19.84


Storage Solutions

Our standard shelf and hanger bar and tower unit storage solutions provide a quick and effective way to organise your belongings. Choose where to have shelves and drawers. 

Storage systems start from £135.00

How to buy

1. Measure up for your customer

2. Work with your Magnet trade counter to configure the design

3. Agree on the price with your customer 

4. Place the order

5. Delivery typically takes 3 weeks into store
Speak to your local store