Bay Windows

We offer bay window solutions in almost every window design in our range, so you can achieve a continuous look throughout the whole property. Choose from square, splay or oriel bay window options from some of our most popular window designs.

Square, Splay or Oriel...

As all our windows come in standard sizes or are made to measure it’s easy to create a window that meets your exact project requirements.

There are three design options to choose between:

- Square Bay
- Splay Bay
- Oriel Bay

We offer square and splay bay windows in our Elegance, Stormsure Casement, Regency and Sliding Sash window ranges.

A standard 45° splay or 90° square bay will have two return ends of equal size, but we supply a single return end if required, please specify when ordering.

We can also supply 30°, 60° and Oriel bays which are available on special order.

Available fully factory finished in any RAL colour with up to 10 years guarantee on the paint finish, our bay windows are supplied as standard with Pilkington energiKare™ glass as standard and high quality ERA hardware.

JELD-WEN Square Bay with Sliding Sash Timber Window
JELD-WEN Splay Bay, Elegance Casement, Horizontal Bar Timber Window

Installation & Returned Cavities

For the commonly selected casement and Sliding Sash ranges we have provided information to guide you through the measuring process for square and splay bays, but there are other methods you can apply.

Installation and Building Regulations

Bay windows need careful consideration when planning building detail and installation. Approved Document L of the Building Regulations for England and Wales requires the thermal performance around openings to achieve levels that some traditional methods of bay window installation cannot meet.

Traditionally the various types of bays were set against plain brickwork with the joints made by butting the jambs or corner posts up to the brickwork. Most of these details create a cold bridge at this joint which is unacceptable under current regulations. Scottish Building Regulations may vary so please check for information.

Square bays – returned cavities

We recommend brickwork is brought up to the edge of the window using angled or cut brick to replicate the joint between a flat window and the wall. This provides good thermal detail and an attractive finish.

The insulation of the horizontal roof and underside details of bay windows also require careful attention to ensure compliance, particularly where the bay projects beyond the structure.

Specification Information

- Available in Elegance, Stormsure Casement, Regency and Sliding Sash windows
- A standard 45° splay bay (SP) and 90° square bay (SQ) will have 2 return ends of equal size. If you require a single return end (SQR
    or SPR) please specify when ordering
- Engineered softwood timber
- Trickle ventilators will generally be positioned centrally on the front module as standard with each bay
- Where the component window size allows ventilators can also be added to the returns
- We also supply 30°, 60° and Oriel bays which are available on special order
- Factory glazed windows are CE Marked
- FSC certified, Chain of Custody on request

NOTE: Bay windows are not designed to be load bearing

JELD-WEN Oriel Bay Timber Window