Fire Door Safety Week

We’re proud to support fire door safety week.

1. Check the door

There should be NO major defects in the door leaves or frame.

2. Check the glass

There should be NO cracked or broken glass.

3. Check the seal

Seals should be in one continuous length around the door and should NOT be damaged.

4. Check it closes

Self closing doors should close fully on their own, without binding on the floor. Door closing speed should be approx 10 seconds from a 90 degree angle. The door should NOT slam.

5. Check the hinges

There should be NO visible wear in the hinges - dark marks around the hinge knuckle could indicate wear.

6. Check the handles/ levers

Levers should return to their horizontal position after use and the latchbolt should engage smoothly and completely into the strike.

7. Check the maintenance

Some hinges, closer arms and locks might require lubrication.

8. Check the legislation

Ensure all mandatory safety signs are displayed on each fire door. Replace all parts like-for-like according to manufacturer's specification.

9. Check it is safe at all times

Fire doors should NEVER be wedged open.

Download our Fire Door Safety Infographic today! Magnet Fire Door Infographic.pdf