#TopKitchenTopFitter Magnet Trade approved kitchen fitters

Manchester Skyline

Over the last few months, we’ve been on the lookout for Britain’s best tradesmen who have fitted Magnet Trade kitchens. We asked tradespeople on our Facebook and Twitter page to submit pictures of the recent kitchen installation, with the best entry winning a £100 chisel set. Simple as that!

We’ve been overwhelmed with entries, and we’re really proud of work that’s been presented to us.

The British tradesperson, the best in the world!

Here’s a selection of some of our favourite entries-

A sleek sophisticated entry submitted by Stephen Siddall. Nice!

Jonny Perrow submitted this to us. Not bad, eh?

@MBuildWarwick (https://twitter.com/mbuildwarwick) tagged us in this on Twitter. Top effort!

Perry Fogden (https://twitter.com/p_foggy) shared on Twitter. Great effort!

Laurence Hides sent this one in via Facebook. Nicely done!

Fitted a Magnet Trade kitchen and want to show it off? Post it to our Facebook page -