What's the best prank you've played on a fellow trades person? #TradePranks

Throughout June, we asked our social community what’s the best prank was that they’ve played, or had played on them, by a fellow tradesmen.

We’ve had some fantastic entries. Everything from the classic ‘cling film on the loo’ trick and sending the apprentice out for some tartan paint, to challenging a fellow tradesman to the ‘cement strongman’.

Here’s a few of our favourites-


“Worked at a coachbuilders that had five or so sites on one road. Sent one of the apprentices round all the sites looking for Peter Gabriel to borrow his sledgehammer”

A bit cruel, but still hilarious.

THE BIG PUMP- Submitted by Dave Hundley

“Worked in a boatyard and told the apprentice that the water levels were too high and he needed to get a pump to pump the water away. He wanted to know where to put the outlet hose and I told him to put it back in the water. He watched it for two hours before he realised what he was doing.”

The apprentice’s enthusiasm getting the better of them. We wouldn’t want it any other way.

THE GLASS HAMMER- Submitted by Graham Godwin

“Let the apprentice go early, gave him £10 and said to get me a glass hammer. Unbeknown his dad was a glass blower. Tenner down & egg on my face.”

A victory for the little man here. Makes us feel proud.

THE SKIRTING LADDER- Submitted by Colin Elms

“When I was an apprentice I was given some money by the electrician and told to buy a skirting ladder (ladder to climb up skirting boards). I went to a pet shop and bought a ladder for a bird cage. Never tried it on me again.”

No one likes a smart arse. Apart from us on this occasion.

THE LONG WEIGHT- Submitted by Alexander Rice

“Sent to the wholesalers to go and get some new ratchet cutters and a long weight to go with them. I was bloody standing there for a hour whilst people were laughing.”

The phrase ‘I told you so’ comes to mind with this one.

Played any pranks whilst on the job we don’t know about? Let us know using #TradePranks

Happy Pranking!