Kitchen Gadgets of the Future

The hot topic for 2015 is ‘The Internet of Things’. For those who don’t know, ‘IoT’ is the next level of evolution for the Internet – where even daily household objects such as television sets, cars, homes and kitchen appliances will be connected to the web .

Check out some of our up and coming kitchen favourites:

1. Step aside George Foreman, there is a new grill in town. The Palate Smart Grill from Palate Home uses an iPad app to cook almost any food based on weight, composition and desired taste. WOW.

2. Next up is the HAPIfork. This new invention helps you to monitor your eating habits for weight loss purposes. It’s able to measure how long it takes you to eat a meal, the amount of fork servings and the time in between. The fork then uploads the data via an app to show you how well (or badly!) you are doing. Best keep off the carbs then.

3. Our ultimate favourite has to be LG’s Smart Oven. For those of us who only install kitchens but can’t cook, this is for you! Sit back and enjoy yourself while controlling your Sunday roast from your smartphone. You’ll never burn the chicken again – genuis!

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