Hero Hacks

We all like to make our lives that little bit easier. That’s why this January we have enjoyed discovering day-to-day #HeroHacks – turning every day things into genius inventions. Check out a few of our favourites here:

1. Use a packing ‘peanut’ to protect your fingers when using a hammer. Then when you’re done, the foam pulls right off!

Photo: thisoldhouse

2. Put a magnetic strip under your cabinets to store spices. The lids keep the jars stuck to the magnet and can easily be pulled away, ready to use when needed – genius!

Photo: Instructables

3. Did you know that ice cubes can take indentations out of a carpet. If not, try it and let us know how it goes!

Photo: Greatdaymoving

4. Cover your hoover with a pair of tights or a stocking and stop smaller items getting hoovered up!

Photo: Pinterest

5. Struggled to unscrew a stripped screw? Next time you have trouble, place an elastic band on top and unscrew away – simple!

Photo: Pinterest

If you have any of your own Hero Hacks, let us know on our Facebook orTwitter