Badly Built Stereotypes? Magnet Trade Reveals The Lifestyles of Britain’s Tradespeople!

Often tarred with the same brush, we were keen to reveal that not all tradespeople live up to the typical white van man ‘lad culture’ label.
In order to reveal the true hobbies of those working in the building trade we conducted our own survey * of 250 builders, plumbers and electricians to find out what they really get up to in their spare time. The profile of a a 21st Century tradesperson looks a bit like this:
  • Football, technology and cars are favourite interests
  • Spending time with family, reading and travelling are favourite ways to spend spare time
  • News, wildlife documentaries and DIY shows are favourite TV programmes
  • The Sun, Daily Mail and The Mirror are favourite newspapers
  • Less than half use a laptop for work, more than a quarter use an iPad/tablet
  • Over half use Facebook, a quarter Twitter and one fifth Google

Surprisingly, tradespeople surveyed said they preferred reading in their past time to playing sport and a quarter of those who undertake manual work enjoy photography. Welders and plumbers proved to be the best dressed amongst the bunch, with 30 percent of them having an interest in fashion. The results of our survey helped to reinforce that we have a much more diverse workforce than people might have expected!

*250 tradespeople surveyed by Research Now, August 2014