Expert opinion: a Magnet kitchen adds value to a home

Want to know what makes a home sell faster and fetch a better price? Ask an estate agent. Better still, ask 200. That’s exactly what independent research company Zebra Square Ltd did last November, and an overwhelming 74%* of them came up with the same answer…

‘A Magnet kitchen adds value to a home and makes it more attractive to buyers’

That’s what the people who sell properties for a living say, and it makes sense when you think about it. A Magnet kitchen installed by a skilled trade professional won’t only look good and stay looking good. It will also provide buyers with the ultimate reassurance of craftsmanship and quality: the famous Magnet name.

If your customer wants a new kitchen to be a sound investment that will pay dividends when it really matters, you simply can’t go wrong with the Magnet range.

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*Independent research of 200 estate agents. November 2013, conducted by Zebra Square Ltd.