Nobody home?

Research by our The Works partner Direct Line for Business showed that 52 % of tradespeople polled have attended a call out to find that the customer was not home, and 35% said that customers had sometimes failed to show up at all. 18% of tradespeople said that they have been given a wrong address by a customer for a call.

Though a missing customer or a wrong address isn’t the only challenge that locksmiths, plumbers, electricians and other tradespeople face; getting paid for the work they do can be a struggle. The survey discovered that within the last year, nearly one in five (18%) tradespeople had completed jobs, only to find customers did not have funds to pay them.

Customers have come up with creative solutions to avoid paying their bills, just over one in 10 (11%) said that customers had tried to pay their bill with goods and services, with one in 25 (4%) propositioned in lieu of pay!

The research also outlined tradespeople’s most frivolous callouts, including:

  • A carpenter was called to a property where he had recently fitted a new door and told the lock did not work, only to find that the customer was using her old key.
  • Electricians being called out to change light bulbs, with one finding this out only after travelling eight miles to the customer’s house.
  • A gardener on a call was tasked with catching a customer’s goats.

Have you ever taken a kitchen to a job and found that nobody is in? Comments welcome.