What the new EU Timber regulations mean for you

This new regulation is intended to end illegal timber in the EU. It asks that companies, which place wood, or wood products on the EU market, must assess the risk that those products may have come from an illegal source and act to eliminate it.

The new regulation came into play on 1st March 2013 and means a significantly smaller chance that the wood you use in your work is the result of illegal logging.

The regulation has been put through to reduce the negative economic, environmental and social impact it can have on the many locations that timbre is sourced from.

Magnet Trade has been committed to responsible wood sourcing for years and uses environmentally certified softwood in all its cabinets and some of its softwood windows.

Magnet Trade complies fully with the ISO 14001 standard and all relevant environmental regulations, put in place to minimise how businesses negatively affect the environment.