Prince Andrew calls for the respect of tradesmen

On the same day Prince Andrew became the first royal to join Twitter, the Duke of York also spared some time to call for greater respect for young people looking to learn a trade.

Speaking with The Times, Prince Andrew commented that the traditional path of studying A Levels and progressing on to university is not the best route for everyone. For those unsuited, the alternative of vocational training should be better recognised and given greater respect.

Young people aspiring to be builders, joiners and technicians should be encouraged to pursue these avenues. A significant increase in university attendance over the last decade has slowly devalued the status of tradesmen, leaving some to believe that a university education is essential for all youngsters.

However, skilled labour is still very much sought after. Learning a trade gives you a skill for life and with the construction industry showing signs of emerging from its slumber, the demand for qualified tradesmen will continue to rise.

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