Looking After Your Products


Regular maintenance of timber products is essential if you are to retain a beautiful finish and prolong their use. If you care for your doors, windows and stairs, they will last a lifetime.

The periods you leave between maintenance checks will vary depending on the type of paint or stain chosen and the local environmental conditions.

External joinery

The decorative finish applied to windows and external doors must be preserved to ensure moisture does not penetrate the wood.

Please maintain your Magnet products in accordance with the paint or stain manufacturer’s guidelines, to prevent the finish from deteriorating and to protect the timber underneath. We recommend making an annual inspection and suggest touching up any areas of wear and tear.

External joinery should be cleaned inside and out every six months as a minimum, using a mild, non-abrasive detergent and soft cloth. When cleaning windows, check that drainage holes, channels and spaces are clear and remove any obstructions carefully with a soft brush or pipe cleaner.

In areas that are subject to severe exposure, external doorsets will benefit from being sheltered by a porch, hood or canopy, in addition to the decorative protection.

Interior doors

Unlike external woodwork, your internal doors do not require any ongoing maintenance, other than the occasional repaint to brighten up the finish or change the style of your room.