How Good Tradesmen Win Work

This month we asked, who represent 1000s of tradesmen in the UK across trades such as kitchen fitters, carpenters andhandymen to identify some of the simple things tradesmen can do to win work.

Finding customers and winning work doesn’t have to be a chore; as many tradesmen already know, even a quick and simple job can lead to more opportunities through future projects or referrals to friends and family.

Knowledge and expertise

The amount of experience a homeowner has when undertaking a home improvement project can vary markedly, from a competent DIY enthusiast to total novice. Either way, a tradesman’s skills and experience are the key things that make them stand out and warrant them being hired, instead of the project being undertaken by the homeowner themselves.

If the homeowner is knowledgeable, reassure them you know the intricate details of the project, and if applicable, what has worked well in the past from previous projects. For the novice, some of this information may be too detailed, but conversations should still communicate to the homeowner that you are proficient in the trade, competent to undertake the project and importantly deliver the results they want.

Manage expectations

From larger projects such as fitting a brand new kitchen to more straightforward jobs such as fitting a new interior door , there can be complications or unexpected circumstances. On initial quote, some aspects of the room, even to the trained eye, may have been overlooked or only discovered during the course of the project. The important thing to remember is how this affects the project, both from the point of view from the homeowner and for the work to be carried out.

No-one wants to have to pay unexpected costs or experience significant delays halfway through a project, especially if there was a strict budget and/or timeline. Quotes can be given that state they are dependent on certain circumstances, especially if they affect the timeline of the project. Provide solutions that the homeowner can review and take the time to explain why any extra cost may be the best solution e.g. offers a more effective long term solution than a cheaper short term fix that would have to be repaired in a few years, rather than decades.


Whether the project is large or small, keeping in touch is important and especially prior to the work commencing, can determine who is hired to undertake the work. Responses to the homeowner don’t have to be lightning quick, but answering back in a timely manner can have a massive impact. Tradesmen are often busy throughout the whole of the day – from early morning to late into the evening – and may not be able to get back to requests immediately. However, a simple response to say the message was received and can discuss in more detail later is much better than ignoring the message or not replying at all.

Especially for current projects, homeowners often want reassurance that the work is on schedule, and even if there is no news, keeping in touch to make sure the homeowner knows what is going on is often valued and appreciated. Compare that to the scenario of a kitchen refitting project where there may be a delay in waiting for supplies to arrive, if two weeks go by without any contact, the homeowner can understandably get anxious. A simple call outlining the situation can do wonders to reassure the homeowner the project is still in progress and they have not been simply forgotten about!

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This article was provided by Gavin Chan, Online Marketing Manager at MyBuilder, helping thousands of tradesmen win work every day.