Sloping Combinations

Combine to make a statement

By combining multiple VELUX roof windows, you can make a big impact and add an amazing feeling of space.

Our sloping combinations can be used to create a great panoramic view or to simply add even more natural light to a room.

Create your perfect combination from our electric, solar or manual centre-pivot roof windows or manually operated top-hung roof windows.

Three sloping combination Velux windows above sofa and seating area
VELUX INTEGRA GGU solar polyurethane

Let the light in and expand your view

It makes perfect sense, if you increase the size of your roof window you'll increase the amount of daylight you let in.

And with VELUX you can install additional window elements directly below your roof window to open up the view and see how the daylight floods in. 

  • Sloping Velux Window in a living room
  • Sloping combination of Velux windows installed in living room
  • Woman gazing out of sloping double combination Velux window
  • Sloping Velux windows with blinds in a home office
  • Double sloping bedroom combination Velux window
  • Combination of installed Velux windows
  • Sloping Velux bedroom windows, turquoise blinds, white bedroom