Easy to use and install, VELUX INTEGRA® roof windows are ideal for those out of reach spots and are perfect for flat roof extensions.

For out of reach areas, choose INTEGRA®

This innovative system of remote controlled roof windows from VELUX allows you to open and close your roof window in a touch of a button.

Automation is controlled via a control pad allowing you to use various programmes which you can programme and set to suit your lifestyle – from anywhere in your house.

This range is the ultimate choice for fresh air and better indoor comfort, available in both electrical and solar powered options.

The electric roof window is mains-powered direct into your properties electrical system, the solar powered option requires direct exposure to sunlight without the need for wiring it makes installation even quicker. Both options come with a rain sensor so when the weather turns it will automatically close.

VELUX INTEGRA GGL electric white painted
VELUX INTEGRA GGL electric white painted

More than just a window...

There are 8 pre-defined programmes for you to use, all designed to make life more comfortable and stress free.  Easy to operate, the INTEGRA® range comes with an elegant control pad and are all based on a secure technology called io-homecontrol®.

- Indoor Climate, for fresh air ventilation
- Ventilation, allows fresh air in for 15 minutes, 4 times a day
- Energy Balance, insulates against the heat and the cold, saving energy for heating and cooling
- Sun Screening, maintains a comfortable environment, preventing your property from overheating
- Good Night, sleep well with good ventilation and a pleasant temperature - all automatic of course
- Good Morning, wake up naturally and allow daylight to enter the room at a time of your choice
- Leaving Home, close all windows with a single touch
- On Holiday, open and close blinds, shutters and turning lights at different intervals throughout the day whilst you are away

Worry-free windows

With the intelligent VELUX INTEGRA® control pad you can close your windows at a single touch. A great option for tech lovers, the ‘leaving home’ function ensures all windows are closed at once, no matter where they are in your home. Meaning you can get on with your day without the worry of home security. The entire INTEGRA® range comes with the handy rain sensor feature, the minute it starts to rain, your windows will automatically close – meaning no worries about rain damage. 

VELUX INTEGRA GGL electric white painted