Our Environmental Credentials

At Magnet Trade and throughout the Magnet Group we fully recognise our responsibility to minimise the impact of our business on the planet, and the need to help our customers and partners be environmentally considerate. We manage our operations in accordance with the international iso 14001 standard, complying fully with all relevant environmental legislation, and are constantly seeking ways to improve our energy efficiency, avoid pollution and minimise waste.

We recognise that ecological awareness is the future, and are therefore actively developing products from responsible sources such as bamboo worktops. We are particularly proud of ‘The Insinkerator’, a sink food disposal system that enables food waste to be flushed away and recycled rather than sent to landfill. To reduce fuel consumption during transport we recently introduced a new vehicle fleet incorporating the fuel-efficient Euro IV engine. We are also working towards more efficient logistics, ensuring for example that lorries are fully loaded for their return journey.

Through such initiatives we have already reduced overall fuel consumption by 4%. The use of solvents and the production of sawdust are unavoidable aspects of our manufacturing processes, but we strive to reduce their environmental impact by correctly managing painting processes and installing the latest filtering systems. By reducing the amount of packaging we use and using offcuts to heat our factories, we are actively lowering the amount of waste being sent to landfill. We also believe strongly in the ‘every little helps’ principle – with initiatives including recycling IT equipment.